Curtain to rise at Ipswich Civic Centre

The stage is set to reopen the Ipswich Civic Centre this week on Saturday, 18 July, for a line-up of productions focusing on local artists.

Mayor Teresa Harding said the council is committed to supporting and delivering value to the creative sector and enabling opportunities in the local arts community; including through partnerships with Stage Queensland and Arts Queensland.

“It’s exciting to see artists with a strong connection to Ipswich featured in the first shows back at our beloved Ipswich Civic Centre,” Mayor Harding said.

“The program will not only provide jobs for local performers but will deliver world-class entertainment to the Ipswich community.”

The curtain will rise for 2020 Take 2 and the seats are spread with the venue springing back to life with Irish band Sasta to be the first show on Saturday night followed by local jazz band Nightshade on Saturday, 25 July followed The Beatles Swing starring Craig Martin on 8 August.

Comedian Anthony Lamond with guests Steph Tisdell and Dave Eastgate, will bring the laughs to Ipswich on Saturday 15 August with a 2020 Take 2 Comedy Hour.

Division 3 Councillor Andrew Fechner said he had no doubt the Ipswich Civic Centre’s reopening would be welcome news for residents.

“After months of performers and audiences staying at home, they can finally head back to Ipswich’s premier theatre,” Cr Fechner said.

“Seeing a performance live on stage is so much more immersive than viewing the same thing on a screen.

“I encourage the Ipswich community to support the entertainment industry and catch a show.”

For a full look at upcoming events click here.

Ipswich Civic Centre ghost light

Decades of drama, laughter and music have echoed from the stage to the balcony and back at the Ipswich Civic Centre until recently when the venue closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

While the audience and performers may not have been able to grace this special place, a long theatre tradition was put in place to remind the community that the curtain would rise again.

A single light, an original stage light, was placed on the stage.

A ghost light has been lit during the long months of self-isolation as a symbol of hope.

This single light promises a return of entertainment and togetherness.

The ghost light will be turned off ahead of a series of performances beginning this Saturday night, 18 July.

Studio 188 is also keeping the Ipswich community as connected as possible to local artists.

Discover musical talent living in our own back yard in Studio 188’s fortnightly interview series – 188 Seconds – that can still be enjoyed from your very own living room.

The Sounds of Studio 188 series kicks off on July 18 starring Callum & Lara, Harry J Hart and Andy Ellem. For those unable to snag a ticket and be part of the live audience, these shows will also be live streamed via the Studio 188 YouTube channel.

The Ipswich Civic Centre and Studio 188 will be complying with the Queensland Government’s Stage 3 guidelines underpinned by hygiene and health and safety protocols.

Book online at the Ipswich Civic Centre website or the ticket office over the phone 3810 6100, between 8.30am and 4pm. 

Ticket conditions has been modified to reflect the needs associated with COVID-19, including the need to refund tickets in the event a patron has to self-isolate while being tested.

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  1. The New Ipswich is shinning already just imagine what it will look like when all the construction is completed .Well done
    Could I ask the City Council to consider adding another attraction to the planned entertainment for the city.
    The city is noted for its musical endeavor’s with great choirs and wonderful musical presentations.
    Can I ask the city leadership team to bring back one night of Choirs of the city singing for all to enjoy.
    My wife sings in the Ipswich Orpheus choir .It would be a great night bringing back the choirs of the city to entertain the citizens and friends of Ipswich
    Your interest would be very much appreciated
    Regards Ray Crompton

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