Do you have a creative vision for Ipswich?

Ipswich arts, cultural, creative and performance community will come together to participate in the city’s first Creators of Ipswich Summit this Friday, 13 November.

The arts and cultural scene in Ipswich contributes to a vibrant community and provides economic and social benefits for residents.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding wants to elevate the local creative economy and community and the summit provides a great opportunity to build relationships across the sector and with council.

In her 100 Day Plan, Mayor Harding committed to establishing a creative summit to engage with major stakeholders from across the Ipswich arts and events community, with a view to informing an arts strategy, policy and ongoing funding stream that will build community and deliver economic benefits.

“Arts and culture are drivers of positive economic and social wellbeing and this council is committed to strengthening our creative economy and cultural community,” Mayor Harding said.

“Ipswich is renowned for creative innovation, and we have so much here to celebrate.

“We are growing our collection of artworks throughout Ipswich, including the large-scale murals on buildings and other pieces across parks.

“We want to explore how council can best work with the creative and artistic community, showcasing local talent, enabling collaboration and building resilience across the many different groups and creative practises we have in the city”.

Stakeholders from all sectors of the arts community will discuss the current Arts and Cultural Strategy 2018-2023 and find what the priorities are for local artists.

The summit will also work though ongoing funding streams and resourcing to find ways to bring the creative community together and deliver economic benefits.

Expressions of interest were called in September followed by community consultation which was carried out during October.

Council worked in collaboration with USQ’s Creative Arts School who invited creative groups to share their views in a survey.

Dr Ashley Jones from the University of Southern Queensland’s School of Creative Arts will present and analyse the information gathered from the Creators of Ipswich Survey 2020 at the summit.

The Creators of Ipswich Summit will be held on Friday, 13 November at the Ipswich Civic Centre.

Council has been pleased with the sector’s interest in participating and there is an option to attend both physically and virtually.

“This is just the start of this council’s journey to better support a stronger, vibrant creative sector and we’re looking forward to working collaboratively with the creative community beyond the summit.” Mayor Harding said.

Click here to watch the live stream of Creators of Ipswich Summit from 9am Friday, 13 November.

Ipswich City Council, in collaboration with our local arts and cultural sector, will focus resources and actions to the following 5 goals:

#1 Embracing and celebrating our cultural heritage and diversity.
#2 Activating and engaging the whole of our city.
#3 Supporting and increasing engagement with our creative community.
#4 Building creative capacity among our young people.
#5 Listening and providing leadership for the cultural development of our community.

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  1. Do not build or Expand existing dumps close to residential areas near Collingwood Park or add incinerators Close to residential homes

  2. This is a wonderful initiative. I’m just wondering if the churches are represented? They play an important role in the cultural life of the city.

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