Eco-friendly ideas so Christmas doesn’t cost the earth

Tis the season for giving! Here are 4 simple ways you can make your festivities eco-friendly.

It’s the time of year we look forward to spending time with loved ones. But it’s also the time of year our rubbish volumes rise by around 30 per cent.

The festive season doesn’t have to be such a wasteful time. Check out these easy ways for your family to reduce your waste this Christmas.

Put your own stamp on Christmas

Get creative with your family by making your own Christmas decorations from recycled materials, things you would normally throw out or natural materials.

Learn some tricks and tips at a Kids Go Wild school holiday activity “Glitter Globes” at Queens Park Environmental Centre on Tuesday 22 January.

Children aged 5-12 and supervising adults can use upcycled and repurposed materials to make snow globes a year-round craft by creating glitter globes.

Find a new way to wrap

Use fabric such as tea towels, scarves or scrap materials to wrap. Check out the Japanese Furoshiki style!

Add a personal touch to your wrapping paper by using your child’s paintings or drawings.

Re-use your newspaper, scrap paper, ribbons or bows, or make the switch to recycled or eco-friendly wrapping paper.

Rethink your gift

You could surprise yourself this year with finding a gift that was pre-loved. Check out a local op-shop to find a unique gift.

Buying an electronic gift this Christmas? Why not give a recharger pack with rechargable batteries that will help save money and ensure fewer batteries are used.

Make memories and give an unforgettable gift by going for an experience rather than giving a material thing. There are plenty of free or low-cost activities in Discover Ipswich’s 75 Things to Do in Ipswich.

Recycle and compost

Remember to Recycle 4 this Christmas! Put your cardboard boxes, aluminium trays, coffee tins, drink cans, pizza boxes and wrapping paper in the yellow top recycling bin.

Earn yourself some cash this Christmas by collecting your drink containers and dropping them off at your local Containers for Change collection point.

Turn your live Christmas tree into mulch at the end of the festive season by cutting it up and putting it in your green bin.

Recycle old mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops or gaming consoles that get replaced. Check out for locations.

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