Explore Ipswich’s changing landscapes with expert speakers

From bushfires and floods to long-term challenges such as climate change, the Ipswich landscape is constantly changing.

While we may not always be able to control these changes, it’s how we respond that shapes our future.

Be a part of the discussion about how we can adapt to our changing landscapes at Ipswich City Council’s 2020 EnviroForum.

This year’s EnviroForum showcases local and regional innovation and ideas surrounding how we can respond to changing landscapes and manage our natural resources to create a better future, from our backyards to our regional biodiversity.

It features passionate members of the Ipswich community, industry professionals and expert speakers who will explore how people, wildlife and the land adapt and become resilient to what the future may bring.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 EnviroForum is being held virtually with a number of key presentations able to be accessed from home, at work or even your favourite nature spot.

The series launched in late August with a live webinar with gardening professional Kate Wall, who shared her five important tips for creating a resilient garden. Anyone who missed out on the live session can watch it now, with the recording available on the EnviroForum website.

What’s coming up?

All sessions are free to register. For more information visit

Tracking koalas at Hidden Vale 

Join the team at Grandchester’s Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre in the field on a koala tracking mission, as they share their research on local koala populations and the impacts of climate change on koalas.

Thursday, 10 September at 1pm

Impacts of changing landscapes on birds 

How do changing landscapes impact birds? Martine Maron from the University of Queensland explains in this live webinar. This session will also explore how even highly modified landscapes can be managed to be more biodiverse.

Thursday, 24 September at 1pm

How is Ipswich adapting to future floods?  

Experts who are part of developing the Ipswich Integrated Catchment Plan will take part in a panel discussion on how the city can manage future floods.

Wednesday, 7 October

Live webinar at 12pm
In person event at 5.30pm

Animals using technology

A second showcase from the team at the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre delves into an exciting project training native wildlife to use microchip-automated nest boxes.

Thursday, 22 October at 10am

A local perspective

West Moreton Landcare’s Bob Hampson brings his local knowledge and experience in landscape restoration to this special session. Join Bob on the ground at one of his Marburg restoration projects, to show what is possible in our community.

Thursday, 5 November at 1pm

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