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You can get it, right here in Ipswich.

That is the message from the reinvigorated online search directory of Ipswich businesses, Shop Ipswich.

Shop Ipswich is a local business directory that is free to search and free for any Ipswich businesses to join encouraging the community to find what you are looking for right here in Ipswich.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said locally owned and operated businesses are the backbone of the Ipswich economy and Council is committed to empowering the city’s job creators.

“The Shop Ipswich collaboration between council and the Ipswich Region & Bremer Chambers of Commerce, with sponsorship from Ipswich Pro Drive, is designed to support our local economy to rebound from the pandemic impacts,” Mayor Harding said.

“There are already more than 130 local business listings on the website, with so many unique and exceptional products, experiences and services available.

“When you shop with Ipswich businesses you’re helping to keep local jobs.”

The restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic helped people find a new appreciation for shopping in local stores.

There are about 10,000 businesses registered in Ipswich, with 6,000 of those listed as sole operators (micro-businesses), with many more classified as small businesses (less than 20 staff).

In October 2020 Ipswich City Council became the first council in Queensland to sign on as a Small Business Friendly Council reinforcing council’s commitment to supporting local business.

Economic and Industry Development Committee chairperson Councillor Nicole Jonic said as a Shop Ipswich local ambassador she wants to support and help both businesses and the community.

“Whether you prefer picking up a rare find at a boutique store or the convenience of a flagship store, Ipswich has a lot to offer shoppers from Springfield to Rosewood and everywhere in between,” Cr Jonic said.

“Most people prefer to shop locally and Shop Ipswich is making it easier to find just what is available, right here in Ipswich.

“Local businesses invest in the community and the customer experience is always going to be better when you know the staff at your favourite businesses by name.”

Ipswich Region Chamber of Commerce president Phil Bell said this initiative is aimed at bringing the business community together to ensure strong consumer interaction whether business to business or business to consumer.

“We have seen a strong ground swell of interest from across the city, with businesses and residents wanting to use the guide and support local,” Mr Bell said.

Many local stores have gone digital so the convenience of online shopping doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice community.

Shoppers can search Shop Ipswich by category here.

Business owners can sign up for free here, even if you are not a member of any Chambers.

5 ways it pays to shop local

1. Investing in your community

By buying from local business, your cash is more likely to stay in the community which helps it thrive by creating employment.

2. It’s personal

Forming a relationship with your local stores enhances the experience of shopping. Customer service is a high priority for small business that are highly invested in their store and what to keep you coming back.

3. Originality

Find locally made items, unique designs and something different to the sometimes generic available in large chains.

4. Innovation

People start small businesses to try something new and fresh ideas and creativity are nurtured. Shopping in an area filled with unique and vibrant stores is more appealing.

5. It’s often less expensive

The fewer hands involved in producing and transporting products the better. Costs for businesses such as renting a space are often lower and those savings are passed onto customers. Also, you don’t have to wait for delivery, saving on transport costs or pay for expensive large-city parking if you are driving.

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