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Finding information on the Ipswich City Council is now quicker and easier with council launching a new-look website. 

The redesigned homepage has been created to help ratepayers find what they are looking for by listing the most commonly searched for services and information.

The task-focused homepage has a Report an issue tab as well as Popular links.

Services such as replacing a wheelie bin, making a dog noise complaint or seeking assistance with footpath tree maintenance are right there and with one click a request can be lodged.

The simple and clear format allows residents to navigate effortlessly to report any issues or make payments.

Community, Cultural and Economic Development Department general manager Ben Pole said the new design is more engaging for the community overall.

“The redesigned home page has more relevant links and with more content being accessible with reduced clicks, which saves our residents time when they come to us for a service,” Mr Pole said. 

“We find our customers want to take an action when they come to their council’s website. Now, they can get to the service they need immediately or with just one click.

“The redesign has improve functionality making it easier to navigate on any device, especially on mobiles.”

There are several other new features on the homepage including the Latest news which links to council’s free news service Ipswich First.

The What’s on and Latest news sections keep Ipswich residents informed about what is happening in the community.

“It’s a balance of useful information and highlights why Ipswich is a great place to live,” Mr Pole said.

Visit the redesigned site here.

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