Five Ipswich artists add flair to Colours of Queensland

A touring exhibition that celebrates the great state of Queensland has put Ipswich art on walls in Brisbane, Cloncurry, Chinchilla, Mackay and Texas.

Colours of Queensland showcases winning entries from the 2016 Queensland Regional Art Awards alongside selected works that capture the spark of the Sunshine State.

Our local winners were Redbank’s Karen Stephens (major prize), Mieke den Otter from Bellbird Park (textile) and Deebing Heights resident Donna Davis (digital art).

The trio’s work is on display at Ipswich Community Gallery in d’Arcy Doyle Place until 3pm this Sunday, joining creations by Lee Fullarton and Matthew Cheyne.

Karen Stephens – Noogooraville

“This contemporary landscape painting investigates the Noogoora burr, a weed of central Western Queensland. Specimens for the work were observed and collected in Winton.” – Image by Faun Photography

Mieke den Otter – It was just after dusk and the quiet had begun to descend

“This handmade felt is a simple circular shape that surprised me when I hung it on a white wall to photograph. The textures and colours are reminiscent of the beautiful surface marks made by the scribbly gum moth on its host tree.”

Donna Davis – Entwined III

“This piece explores ecological systems as vibrant, interconnected and sublime living networks that support, encourage and sustain new growth.”

Lee FullARTon – Catherine Parker: Pilgrimage to Places

“When I think about the Colours of Queensland, I immediately see the vastness of the state dotted with swirls of vibrant colour. These colours to me are artists; they are an energy of stories, practice and colour that connects us all.” – Image by Sue Hammond

Matthew Cheyne – The Post apocalyptic Hobby Farm Next Door

“This is part of a series of paintings chronicling the fate of the condemned house next door to my studio in Ipswich. It is not intended as an indictment, on the contrary, I am very fond of my neighbour and her menagerie and she is perfectly philosophical about the misfortune that has lead to her current state of affairs.”

The success of Ipswich artists at the 2016 Queensland Regional Art Awards continued this year with Alan Tulloch winning the digital art award – view his full video below – and works by Kylie Stevens, Donna Davis, Andrea Baumert-Howard and Rebecca Lewis selected for the 2018 touring exhibition.

Celebrate the colour and creativity of your city.

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