Five New Year resolutions and how to keep them

The New Year is almost upon us and will see many people wanting to turn over a new leaf and make improvements to their lives in some way whether large or small.

That’s what New Year’s resolutions are all about, right? Changing yourself for the better.

Although sticking with a resolution for 12 months might be a statistical long shot it’s worth the effort so this time why not fill your resolution list with easy, achievable goals that will have you ticking and not flicking in 2020?

1. Get fitter

Instead of locking yourself into a 12-month gym membership that you will likely only use a handful of times, take steps to get outside and move while having fun with the whole family. Go for a walk through the White Rock – Spring Mountain Conservation Estate, a bike ride through Castle Hill Blackstone Reserve or visit one of Ipswich’s many great parks.

2. Give back

If you’ve always wanted to do something for your community and be a part of something bigger but don’t have time to volunteer why not donate money or goods from your pantry? If you’re after a gift the ladies at Fashion Connections in the Nicholas Street precinct donate the stores proceeds to third world countries. Why not pop in for a chat and buy an item or two. You can go online to Ipswich Hospice Care to give a monetary donation or if you have non-perishable food items in your pantry why not donate them to Ipswich Food Barn

3. Cook more

Try visiting one of Ipswich’s many markets and purchase fresh produce save money on a night out. If you avoid cooking because you’re not as skilled as Jamie Oliver in the kitchen, sign up for a lesson at Ministry of Food to become a kitchen master in no time.

4. Be social

Instead of flicking on the television, get together with some friends or make new ones. Visit the Ipswich Civic Centre and see a show, visit the art gallery in town or stretch your brain muscles and try and escape from one of the Seraphim Escape rooms.

5. Learn something

Instead of signing up for an eight week course and only showing up on the first week start smaller with a one off class. Attend an art lesson at the Coffee Club Orion, learn to dance hip hop or try Vinyasa yoga.

Starting small will mean you will have more enjoyment and will help to make the habit stick in the long run.

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