Free household chemical drop-off day at Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre

It’s time to gather your old, unused household chemicals because Ipswich City Council’s annual free drop-off day is on again.

This year’s free household chemicals, gas bottle and listed items drop-off day is on Saturday, 12 September from 8am to 4pm at Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre.

It’s not unusual for old or unused chemicals to accumulate around the home or garden shed.

Often these items are not suitable to be disposed of in the wheelie bin, so this annual drop-off day is the best way to get rid of them.

Up to 20 litres/kilograms per waste type will be accepted, however up to 100 litres of paint will be accepted.

There is no charge for listed accepted items on the day, however the standard disposal fee will apply for any other waste items brought on the day.

Accepted household chemicals include: acids and alkalis; brake fluid and coolant; fuel; glue; grease; herbicides; paint; pesticides; pool chemicals; rust inhibitors; solvents and thinners; stains and varnish; wood preservatives.

Domestic barbecue gas bottles as well as marine distress flares and small arms ammunition can also be dropped off as part of the day.

The drop-off day is only open to Ipswich residents, and proof of residency will be required.

Riverview Recycling and Refuse Centre is at Riverview Road, Riverview.

For more information visit here.

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  1. This needs to run for a week or a few Saturdays in a row. I’d love to get rid of some stray chemicals via this method but I have other plans for this Saturday.

    2 days notice is also a joke

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