Green boost for Ipswich Central

Council has completed a number of greening projects in Ipswich Central, adding shade, reducing heat and using recycled materials to upgrade the city centre.

Vertical gardens have been installed on Limestone Street walls, 20 planter boxes are in place along Brisbane and Limestone Streets, and new paint has been added to the footpath between Burnett and Waghorn streets.

Division 3 Councillor Marnie Doyle said the added greenery would help beautify the streetscape and create additional shade.

“Making Ipswich Central more visually pleasing will benefit local residents and also improve the amenity of our beautiful city as we seek to encourage more visitors to explore our historic streets and to visit local galleries, restaurants and shops,” Cr Doyle said.

“Council has been conscious to make the project as environmentally friendly as possible through the reuse and recycling of materials during the planting process.

“Four of the planters have liners made from empty 1000 litres fertiliser containers.

“The other 18 were made with a fabricated bladder which can be repurposed at the end of the planter’s life.

“Three wok style planter bowls from the old Ipswich Mall have been upcycled and placed next to the Soldiers’ Memorial Hall on Nicholas Street to offer a spot of green for residents and tourists to enjoy.”

Plants used throughout the project include hibiscus, luscious, magnolias and rosemary for around the base of the trees.

As part of the Ipswich Central Revitalisation project, council has replaced fairy lights in two trees along Brisbane Street, with the aim of enhancing the night time economy and beautifying Ipswich Central.

Council has also commenced a pilot project to improve the garden next to the transit centre.

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