Green light for new medical centre

Medical services in the heart of Ipswich are set to continue to grow with the Ipswich City Council approving a new medical centre for South Street.

The approval is for land at 18 South Street which is currently used as a parking lot.

Milestone Medical plans to open a single-storey medical centre with eight consultation rooms, a procedure room and associated amenities.

The site is in the CBD Medical Services Zone under the Ipswich Planning Scheme.

“Being within the CBD, the subject site is immediately surrounded by a number of businesses and commercial uses including offices, retail, food and drink outlets, health services etc, with the site immediately adjoining an office building, a dental practice and a medical centre,” the application noted.

“The site is approximately 550 metres from the CBD train station and approximately 900 metres from Riverlink Shopping Centre.

“A number of community uses and services are provided for with a 1km radius of the site including sport and recreation grounds, several educational facilities and various complementing health services including the Ipswich Hospital.”

The rectangular site is 508 square metres in size with the medical centre to have a gross floor area of about 235 square metres, and five car parks.

“The proposed development contains a contemporary architectural design, which features a range of building treatments that will make a significant contribution and improvement to the streetscape appearance and overall architectural form of the immediate area,” the application noted.

“The facade presents a complementing combination of bright white and charcoal render and vertical charcoal aluminium treatments.

“Thoughtfully designed landscaping is included to soften the built form, including climbing vine species designed to naturally screen the majority of the car parking area.”

The centre is approved to operate from 6am to 10pm.

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  1. It’s good that we are introducing the medical advances in this great city but there seems to be a lot of these around. The ipswich plaza is old and outdated and a big eye sore for an evolving town. Would be good to see this gone and using the buildings in the cbd to fill other offices

  2. In regard to proposed new medical centre:
    Only five off street car spaces?
    It’s a known fact that it is almost impossible to snare an on street parking space, due to the fact that hospital employees use this area for all day parking!
    Why is it that Ipswich entrepreneurs never consider the requirement for adequate vehicle spaces for patrons/clients when planning new premises?!

  3. Please make sure you have consultation with St Andrews Hospital as they may indeed be considering a similar project.
    The real success of a medical centre is how close it is linked to a hospital for ongoing medical support from outpatients and inpatients and the wider community
    The model to look at is
    The Wesley Brisbane
    Greenslopes Ramsay
    St Andrews Brisbane

  4. So here we have another development approved by ICC. It seems ICC Development or planning don’t adhere to there own parking guidelines. Here we have a medical centre development approved with 5 car parks. SERIOUSLY?
    1 will be disabled, leaving 4. Supposedly allowance for bicycles and motor bikes is included (somewhere). Not sure where. But don’t worry as there is off street parking available (probably metered of course).
    But don’t worry, the development will be a nice white and charcoal colour with attractive plants.
    And they say this council has changed.
    What a JOKE!

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