Ground-breaking library pod opens in shopping centre

Ipswich Libraries is rewriting the book with an innovative self-service Library Pod opening at Karalee Shopping Village.

In an Australian first for a public library, the Pod will allow members to use a mobile phone or library card to browse, borrow and return books.

The Pod will open on Friday, 4 October.

Community, Cultural and Economic Development Department general manager Ben Pole said the project was delivered in response to community trends.

“The Library Pod is a new direction for Ipswich Libraries as we continue our goal to bring more of our curated collections to more of the community,” he said.

“We are proud to continue to provide innovative solutions in delivering high quality library services for the Ipswich community.”

The Library Pod will offer a curated collection of multiple copies of the popular and trending books, in self-serve cabinets.

It also has a large touch screen where customers can browse the library’s e-books, e-magazines and downloadable audio collections and borrow immediately.

Customers can open up one of the collection cabinets, make their choice and the embedded RFID system will then automatically lend the items without needing to do anything else.

The Library Pod will also be available for the return of Pod books and for the collection of items reserved online.

State Librarian Vicki McDonald and council CEO David Farmer officially open the pod.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Pod’s opening hours?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Where is it located?

Karalee Shopping Village, Junction Road Karalee.

Outside Coles supermarket

What services does the Pod offer?

Sign up as an Ipswich Libraries member

Borrow up to 20 items from a curated collection

Return of items borrowed from the Pod

Collect reservations from the Pod

How do I use the Pod?

Scan your Library membership card or Ipswich Libraries App

The cabinet door will open

Select books/return books

Push the green button to close the door

Removed books are automatically checked out to your account

Returned books are automatically checked in on your account

Do I need to be a Library member to use the Pod?

Yes, however you can sign up on the spot using the Ipswich Libraries App.

Will I receive a membership card when joining at the Pod?

You receive a virtual card to use with the app, however if you would like a physical Library card, just drop into your closest branch.

What is the loan period?

Standard loan period of 4 weeks applies to Pod items

Standard renewal period of 2 weeks applies to Pod items

Will I receive a printed receipt?

No, you can check loans and due dates using your account online and via the Ipswich Libraries App.

How many cabinets does the Pod have?

2 cabinets for browsing/borrowing

1 cabinet for returns and reservations

How often will new titles be available?

New titles will be available every month

What collections will be available on the Pod?

Mostly Top 20 Adult Fiction, with some Top 20 Adult Non Fiction

How often will it the Pod be restocked?

The Pod will be restocked twice daily.

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