Hard work to give away more than 100,000 free plants in a year

Ipswich backyards are brimming with natural beauty thanks to the hard work and dedication of council’s Nursery team.

A massive target of giving out 100,000 free plants to Ipswich residents was smashed this financial year by Ipswich City Council’s Nursery staff.

Council surpassed this milestone in the long-running free plant program, and did it with plants to spare – reaching almost 114,000.

For those thousands of plants now growing in backyards and properties around Ipswich, life began under the care of the team based at council’s Raceview nursery.

Every one of those plants was grown from seed or cuttings, much of which council staff collect themselves. There is a focus on natives, especially those that attract wildlife.

Nursery Supervisor Nicole Whyte said it was a big achievement for staff involved, and particularly busy as the financial year drew to a close.

“We packed the mobile nursery up with a few species we knew would be popular and we had a few extra benches out at Queens Park Nursery,” she said.

“We were getting cleaned out every weekend, we had the team doing a refill after every weekend because it was empty benches all over.”

Ipswich’s booming population contributed to the massive plant giveaway total, with new build houses entitled to an extra 25 plants on top of the annual allocation of six.

“So with a lot more houses coming into Ipswich, there is a higher demand for the plants, and a lot more needed to give away,” Nicole said.

“With Habitat Gardens, and those other council programs, there is a big rush on free plants at the moment.

“It’s a lot of work, it keeps us very busy. We are constantly on the go here.”

Council’s Nursery team also supply stock to tree planting days such as the popular Trees for Mum events, and plants given away at Citizenship ceremonies.

They also maintain the indoor plants in council buildings. The Nursery staff are also the friendly faces you see at the Queens Park Nursery and the mobile nursery.

They are passionate and knowledgeable about plants, and can help with a lot of questions about growing your free plants in Ipswich.

Claim your free plants

Ipswich residents are entitled to free plants every financial year under council’s Free Plant Program.

General homeowners and renters can claim up to six plants each financial year, collectable from the Mobile Nursery or Queens Park Nursery.

Simply bring a bag or carry box and a copy of one of the following documents:

  • Owners and renters: Current rates notice
  • Department of Housing occupants: Queensland Housing Commission Card
  • Defence Housing occupants: Defence Housing Voucher

Council's Free Plant Program

Spring tips

A good soak twice a week is all a garden needs to toughen up the plants and lawn. Water when it’s cool, not too windy and water the roots, not the leaves.

Use a good mulch to reduce evaporation and hold that water there.

Get rid of the weeds, they use water too.

Ipswich First is smashing targets


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