Help for reconnecting essential services now available for storm affected residents

Ipswich residents affected by Saturday’s severe storms will now have access to up to $5000 towards reconnecting essential services to their homes.

Emergency Hardship Assistance grants of up to $900 per family and $180 per individual are also available to cover immediate essentials.

Minister for Emergency Management David Littleproud said funding is also available for Ipswich City Council and Logan City Council to cover the costs of the clean-up from the hail storm.

“The destruction inflicted on the region on Saturday afternoon was significant,” Minister Littleproud said.

“This Personal Hardship Assistance will support the hail-affected residents in Ipswich and Logan with their immediate recovery needs and help with the safe reconnection of essential services.

“The funding available to the Ipswich City Council and Logan City Council will help cover the costs associated with the operational response, such as clearing debris and, in the Ipswich City Council, the restoration of essential public assets.

“This assistance is being made available through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) to help those impacted get back on their feet sooner.”

The Personal Hardship Assistance Scheme is available to impacted residents in the Greater Springfield area (Springfield Lakes and Springfield), Rosewood, Willowbank, Boronia Heights, Greenbank and other identified surrounding areas.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Saturday afternoon’s storms brought terrible destruction to the region, with widespread and significant damage to residential properties.

 “The situation in Springfield and parts of Logan is serious with thousands of people impacted by ongoing power outages and a large number of households with significant roof and ceiling damage,” Premier Palaszczuk said.

“Today’s announcement means eligible individuals and families impacted by the storm now have access to grants for food, clothing, emergency accommodation or medical supplies that are needed following the severe storm.

“This has been a traumatic event for those in the path of the storm, and people have lost homes, food, clothing and precious possessions.”

“We trust this assistance will help alleviate some of the immediate distress and we will continue to monitor the situation and work with local authorities as they clean up and assess damage to determine what further assistance may be required.”

People who are suffering hardship and are in need of assistance can visit www.communityrecovery.qld.gov.au or call the Community Recovery Hotline on 1800 173 349 to access support.

Further Information on disaster assistance can be found on the Queensland Government’s Disaster Management website at www.disaster.qld.gov.au.

Ipswich City Council has launched an online “one-stop-shop” to assist residents impacted by the devastating storm over the weekend.

Ipswich Hail Events October 2020.

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