Historic Homes still affordable in Ipswich

The census in 1871 put Ipswich’s population at 4820.
By 1891 the population had expanded by 2805 new residents.
At 52 Harlin Road, Coalfalls, Green Arden is built by a team of builders.

It was the year Ned Kelly was captured at Glenrowan and hanged in Melbourne. 1880 was also the year John Young bought the land for 400 pounds to build Green Arden at Coalfalls.

The original Certificate of Title for the property dates back to 7 May 1880. The property was converted to 2 lots on 2 October 1886 and it is believed the house dates from that time.

The house is currently for sale. The current owner is Hannah Duffy. Hannah and her late husband, Kevin, bought the house in 1992.

Their son in law, Terry Delaney, coincidently, is the grandson of Green Arden’s owners from back in the 1920’s.

William and Marguerite Delaney bought the house from the original owner, John Young on 2 August 1923.

William Delaney practised as a solicitor in Ipswich and surrounding regions at that time. They lived in the home with their three children until the late 1920s, when they moved to Chelmer, Brisbane.

They did not sell the house until 1943 because they had thought they might return to Ipswich at a later date.

Walkers Ipswich principal realtor June Frank has a love for heritage homes and explains what is special about Green Arden.

“I like it because it’s mostly original, both the exterior and interior. The only thing really is the kitchen has changed location. It was semi-detached kitchen at the back of the house as was done during that period,” Ms Frank said.

“It’s now two bedrooms but the chimney is still there and would be easy enough to convert back to its original place.

“The beautiful cedar throughout the home has not been painted over.

“Within the same house you have the perfection of the craftsmanship common during that period, yet there are tool marks and hand cutting which is pretty higgledy-piggledy which is just beautiful as a primitive art form.”

This late Victorian era home is among a cul-de-sac of homes, many of which remain from this time period.


The original Certificate of Title from 1886

This picture of 52 Harlin Road, Coalfalls was taken in the 1920’s


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