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How to: Check your frogs into a hotel

There are 132 frog species listed in Queensland, the most of any Australian state.

More than 30 Queensland frog species are currently listed as endangered or vulnerable to extinction.

Allison Begnell has built her own frog hotels to keep the frogs in her garden safe.

What is a frog hotel you may ask?

It is a safe area for tree frogs searching for a cool, moist environment to live in.

Tree frogs are able to climb in and out of the pipes.

Allison Begnell decided to make her own frog hotel after her dog Milly, became a bit obsessed with their jumping green friends in the backyard.

“She would spend hours stalking the frogs, or just stand there and watching them,” Ms Begnell said.

“I had zero knowledge before I made my frog hotel, I joined a few groups on Facebook and decided to try it.”

The first thing to consider is where to put your frog hotel.

“Find where your frogs like to hide and sleep during the day and place your hotel as close to that location as you can,” Ms Begnell said.

“Preferably a cool, shady, damp spot out of direct sunlight.

“Then if you get the pipes pre-cut, it doesn’t take long to construct.

“Most of the materials I used were recycled materials except the few smaller PVC pipes that cost me $35 to purchase at our local water pump store.”

Ms Begnell then basically drilled some holes into the piping for drainage, put a layer of rocks on the bottom and placed the PVC pipes into a waterproof container.

She then added water to the base container.

“The frogs like the large PVC pipe the best with the elbow on the end, probably because it’s darker inside,” she said.

“I put a few smaller pipes in the large pipe and they tend to like sitting in the gaps between the pipes rather than inside the small ones.”

Ms Begnell also shines some solar powered lights over her frog hotel to attract bugs, as a kind of room service.

“I’ve added plants around it and in it and I’ve found the frogs that can’t climb into the hotel still can hide in the plants and be close to the water.”

The pipes should be a minimum of 60cm high so the toads can’t get in.

Springfield Lakes Nature Care president Luise Manning said now is the time to build a frog hotel.

“While people are staying at home due to Covid-19 restrictions, this is an easy project you can involve the kids with to add a sense of attraction in the backyard,” Ms Manning said.

“Frog hotels are becoming more popular and some people are turning theirs into resorts with lights bringing the frog’s favourite foot to their hotel’s door step.

“No backyard should be with out one.”

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  1. I have lots of green tree frogs at my house so i made 2 frog hotels but i put rocks in the bottom of a pot, stood the pipes on top then put potting mix around them with a plant and more rocks on top, no frogs in it? Did i do it wrong? I placed one by the gap in the brick wall to try and get them out of the wall and one in the garden, p.s i have photos

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