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How to ensure your Christmas lights shine for many years to come

With the festive season drawing to an end and plenty of people about to take down their Christmas lights, Ipswich residents have been urged to be ready for next year by packing away their lights properly.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said taking the time to pack away lights and store them correctly would help prevent them being damaged and ensure they are safe to use in the future.

“Christmas lights are always exciting to string up at the start of the festive season but when the new year is looming people are often in a hurry to pull them down and store them in cupboards and sheds,” he said.

“But if people take a few precautions during and after taking down their lights they can prevent damaging them allowing them to be reused for many Christmases to come.

“Firstly, rolling the lights up properly is important and, while there’s a few purpose-made Christmas light storage reels available on the market, wrapping them around a square piece of stiff cardboard can be just as effective.

“Similarly, you can also use your old Christmas wrapping paper rolls to wrap your lights around to help keep them safe for another year.

“Of course, while you’re packing away your lights check there’s no damage to bulbs, wires or plugs, and if there is any throw them away or repaired by a qualified technician.”

Ergon and Energex Safety Advisor Kevin Hore also said where Christmas lights were stored throughout the year was just as important as packing them up properly.

“Too many times Christmas lights and other powered decorations are relegated to the backs of cupboards or any empty spot in the garage or shed,” he said.

“But the problem is they’re forgotten about for 11 months of the year and can get knocked about, affected by water or even pests biting into them.

“With this in mind we always recommend people place their rolled Christmas lights and similar powered decorations in sturdy plastic tub with a lid and stored in a high dry place.”

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