Interim administrator in waiting outlines priorities

Steve Greenwood, who will take over as Ipswich City Council Interim Administrator on 13 January, says his core priority will be to continue almost 18 months of transformational reform.

“I will continue to oversee the reforms to ensure that their implementation continues. I’ll be focused on the council administration being fully prepared for transition to an elected council after the March elections and I’ll continue to represent the interests of council to all external stakeholders,” Mr Greenwood said.

“Now that the ship is heading in the right direction, I’ll be looking to keep a firm hand on the helm to maintain course, until a new council is elected by the Ipswich community and in place to set their own direction.”

Mr Greenwood says council will be in “caretaker” mode from mid-February and as such he will not be making major decisions that bind an incoming council. However, he said he will ensure that the normal business of council continues to tick along.

Mr Greenwood has been a member of the council’s Interim Management Committee since August 2018 and has been a key advisor to the management of a new-look Nicholas Street.

Mr Greenwood said current Interim Administrator Greg Chemello has done a great job to build robust frameworks for future administration and governance.

“His appointment to Moreton Bay Regional Council as Chief Executive Officer is very well deserved,” he said.

“He’ll do a great job there also, as he has done here in Ipswich.”

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