Ipswich Central business briefings move online to combat COVID-19 concerns

This year has seen constant change and innovation to stay on top of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Ipswich City Council has been at the forefront, with many innovative measures designed to keep the community moving forward during widespread COVID-19 restrictions. 

One of these will include the Ipswich Central business briefings moving to a new online format from this month. 

The Ipswich Central business briefings, held quarterly, have been operating for almost two years. The purpose of the briefings has been to keep the business community up to date about what is happening in the rapidly-developing Ipswich Central area. 

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said while COVID-19 had severely impacted the Ipswich community – and small businesses in particular – council had adopted various measures to support ratepayers and residents. 

“We have provided $2 million in financial assistance to businesses and grassroots community organisations as a part of our COVID recovery program, and worked with individual businesses to assist them with navigating the challenges brought on by the pandemic,” Mayor Harding said. 

“We have sought to keep the community informed via live-streamed council and committee meetings and we are adopting an online format for the next series of Ipswich Central business briefings to enable us to keep the local business community up to date on the latest developments.” 

Progress had not been slowed by the pandemic in terms of construction in growth in the Ipswich Central area and the rapid pace of building meant there was much information to pass on. 

The briefings will also provide the community with an opportunity to ask questions and interact with council and other businesses. 

Mayor Harding said the briefings will provide a sneak peek into the Nicholas Street Precinct redevelopment and also highlight some local businesses and how they have adapted best practices during COVID-19. 

If you wish to participate please visit

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