Ipswich City Council facilities to reopen after extended lockdown

Ipswich City Council’s various community facilities will reopen on Monday, 9 August after the eight-day lockdown ends at 4pm Sunday, 8 August.

While council facilities will be open and providing services, social distancing and face mask requirements will be maintained by visitors and staff.

Queensland Government restrictions continue to apply including carrying a mask at all times and wearing it outside of the home.

Council facilities will resume their normal opening hours from Monday, 9 August including all council libraries, the Ipswich Art Gallery, Ipswich Civic Centre and public pools.

Following is the list of council managed facilities that will resume normal opening hours:

  • All libraries
  • Ipswich Art Gallery
  • Ipswich Civic Centre
  • Visitor Information Centre
  • Fire Station 101
  • Ipswich Nature Centre
  • Queens Park Education Centre

These include all public pools, including the Orion Lagoon at Robelle Domain, the Queens Park nursery and all mobile nursery events.

Picnic areas across natural estates remained open, as did council parks, however, dog off-leash areas were closed and will now be open.

The customer support area at 1 Nicholas Street and the council contact centre have remained open and will continue unchanged.

Safe City operations also remained open unaffected by the lockdown restrictions.

Council’s waste transfer stations remained open to essential customers only. Domestic waste services continued during the lockdown unaffected.

For further information, read here

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