Ipswich City Council puts mowing on the map

In a Queensland first, Ipswich City Council has launched an interactive mowing map to give residents greater access to council services.

Council announced in its 2021-22 Annual Budget that it would spend an additional $550,000 on mowing costs over the next year following last summer’s unprecedented wet weather which saw grass grow quickly.

Now, council has made an interactive mowing schedule available as part of its website. The colour-coded mapping system is used to tell residents when and where to expect council’s mowing services.

Mayor Teresa Harding said it’s another innovative step to ensure residents have access to more information than even from the new Ipswich City Council.

“I am delighted to announce another step in Ipswich City Council’s transparency and improved service delivery journey – our mowing schedule is now online and interactive,” Mayor Harding said.

“This means you can see when your local park is next scheduled to be mowed, which is particularly important as we approach warmer weather.

“We know this is an important issue for residents, council has taken this proactive step in response to the Ipswich community.”

Mayor Harding last month discussed the 10 per cent yearly average increase for council mowing services, as well as the “flying squad” which would be used to target areas in parks and reserves where grass grows quickly.

“The Summer season can be wet and hot in Ipswich, meaning grass can quickly reach waist height,” Mayor Harding said.

“Not only does it look unsightly, but it can also become a safety hazard.

“As a result, council increased the mowing schedule from every nine weeks to every six weeks.”

Mayor Harding said council officers worked especially hard during the summer of 2020-21 but were overwhelmed by a late burst of rainy weather.

But with the mowing schedule online and a more rapid service, Mayor Harding was confident council would make drastic cuts. 

“We will be keeping a close watch on progress and know the community will now be checking online.

“This is all about being accountable and doing a first-rate job for our residents and ratepayers,” Mayor Harding said.

For further information on the mowing map:

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