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Ipswich community funding now available on Transparency and Integrity Hub

Council has commenced publication of interactive data for community funding programs.

Governance and Transparency Committee Chairperson Deputy Mayor Jacob Madsen said the Community Funding Story was the latest feature to be released on council’s Transparency and Integrity Hub.

“Ipswich City Council is giving ratepayers and the wider community access to the city’s finances and how their money is spent,” Cr Madsen said.

“The latest story on the Transparency and Integrity Hub shares information on successful applications for council community funding.

“The newly published story allows the public, as well as council staff, to explore up-to-date data on council’s funding programs including total funds awarded, decision dates, organisation names and project titles.

“The data on the Hub is unique because it is provided in interactive graphs that can be explored to show specific information.

“By giving the data visual context, it is easy to understand and compare the data at a glance.”

Examples of data shared in the Community Funding Story.

The Transparency and Integrity Hub provides the community with unprecedented access to the city’s finances and provides greater scrutiny over how council spends ratepayers’ money.

The data published on this portal includes detailed financial records from council, its controlled entities, councillor expenses and procurement data over $200,000 for the past five years.

Data can be explored and analysed through stories or accessing raw data within reports.

Council will continue to release more data across a range of subjects in the coming months and will move to have financial data updated in almost real-time.

The hub will also allow for reporting against council’s Operational and Capital Budgets.

Find out more about the Transparency and Integrity Hub at

Cr Madsen said the Community Funding story would continue to be updated regularly, providing a reliable source of data to be used by both the public and council staff.

“In coming weeks we will see the story updated with the successful applicants for the Small Business Resilience and Growth Program,” Cr Madsen said.

“It will also be the place to find data for the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Funding, which was created from proceeds of council’s memorabilia auction.”

To read the Community Funding story and explore funding data, click here.

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