Land before the criterium circuit was built.

The criterium track under construction.

Construction is on schedule for the $3.3 million Stage One Ipswich Cycle Park at Raceview with an official opening set for early March 2018.

The criterium circuit, being built behind the Western Pride football fields and Ipswich Hockey grounds at Briggs Road, will consist of three track configurations: 1.31km, 1.08km and a 400m internal oval.

Infrastructure and Emergency Management Committee Chairperson Cr Cheryl Bromage said works at the site have been going well and overhead images from October and December showed significant progress.

“We are very pleased with work to date and everything is on schedule,” she said.

Cr Bromage said all bulk earthworks had been completed, as had drainage works, with some final outlets to be done once landscaping was finished.

“Two of three pavement layers have been put on the track; all electrical conduits installed, with installation of pits and light pole footings underway; and swale drains have been turfed to avoid erosion issues,” she said.

“Over the next month, crews will construct the final pavement layer, with asphalt planned to be completed in first week of February; respread the topsoil, then landscape (turf and hydromulch); concrete the staging areas and install the starter’s hut; and complete the light pole footings and install poles and LED lights.”

Cr Bromage said if work continued as planned, the project would be completed by late February with the official opening set for 11 March.

The Queensland Government provided $1.5 million to council for the construction of the Ipswich Cycle Park to increase Queenslanders’ participation in sport and recreation activities. The grant was secured as part of a partnership between Council, 24/7 Cycling Safety Fund and Ipswich Cycling Club.

The stage one development includes the construction of a 1.5km asphalt circuit that can be configured to the three different lengths. The track will also cater for safe cyclist and runner use by incorporating a dedicated 7m wide cycle lane, 2m wide running lane, and an additional 1m wide safety lane.