Ipswich nurse pens song about ‘Rona’ in quarantine

Ipswich Hospital nurse Ryanda Prosser was one of the 222 staff who went into quarantine after a COVID-19 cluster was identified.

The children’s ward nurse is always up for a bit of fun and decided to have a bit of a laugh with her co-workers who were also isolated in quarantine.

What her colleagues were about to discover is that Ms Prosser was actually hiding something from them.

It turns out Ms Prosser has been learning the guitar and her ‘singing in the shower’ voice was actually very good.

She reworded the classic song Living Next Door To Alice by Smokie and posted the video on Facebook.

The post said: ‘Rona is dedicated to each and every one of my nursing friends who have been in isolation over the last week. Hope this will put a smile on your face and shine some sunshine in this crappie time. See you all at the end’.

When writing the song, Ms Prosser said she in been in hotel quarantine for a few days and was reflecting on the crazy time that her colleagues and herself found ourselves in thanks to COVID.

“I was just having a bit of a joke, I never thought I was any good,” she said.

“So it really filled my heart to have so much love come from something that was tongue and cheek.

“It was a shock to have friends ask to share it and last I checked it has had over 15,000 views and the comments were so lovely.”

Ms Prosser is out of quarantine now having dodged coronavirus and is due back at work on the Sunshine Ward.

“I cannot wait to get back to work and see all of my colleagues,” she said.

“Even though we are all separated from each other physically we have all became so much closer emotionally and mentally as a team.

“We have been in touch on a daily basis checking in with each other and we have had the time to stop and ask, how are you going? And to have a conversation.

“Though it was a tough time, it has definitely bought us closer together.”

Life is getting back to the new-normal for the nurse but the viral video experience is not going away.

“I went to dinner last night and someone yelled ‘Rona’ at me,” she said.

“I really don’t know moving forward, maybe I will write something else, I do have a fear of failing, but I’ll wait and see what happens.”

There were several comments under the video, from those who know Ms Prosser best, about a duet with her idol country music singer Adam Harvey.

“That would do,” she said.

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