It’s Snowtime: Albino emu set to appear in hit Netflix series

Snowy the albino emu and dozens of other birds from a local emu farm will feature in the latest season of Jack Whitehall’s Netflix series, Travels with My Father.

Production crews filmed at Steve Schmidt’s Try It Emu farms at Marburg and Coleyville earlier this year, with scenes from the newly-released trailer showing Jack Whitehall attempting to catch emus on the farm.

The show depicts the adventures of British comedian and presenter Jack Whitehall as he travels the world with his father, with the latest season set in Australia.

TRAILER: Jack Whitehall filmed at a Marburg emu farm for the latest season of Travels With My Father

While a Netflix appearance will be a first for Marburg’s emu population, it’s not the first time the farm’s emus have captured the public’s attention.

Young Snowy the emu shows off his vivid white stripes on a visit to Ipswich Libraries

Emu farmer Steve Schmidt says Snowy the emu was winning hearts as a young chick with appearances at shows across the region, and even a visit to Ipswich Libraries.

“He was just a baby when he visited the library for a talk and I started taking him to shows when he was just a few weeks old,” Mr Schmidt said.

“Snowy quickly became more of a pet on the farm, he would spend a lot of time in the office with the girls and became quite attached.

“Even these days he will lie down when one of the girls pats him.”

Snowy is the only emu welcome in the farm’s offices

Born with striking blue eyes which have gradually become lighter and clearer, two-year-old Snowy has always stood out from the pack.

“He had really pale feathers when he was born, and underneath the top layer, he’s still very white, as white as my Maremma dogs,” Mr Schmidt said.

“I tried to pair him up with other emus when he was younger, but he wasn’t interested.

“I think he’d become more humanised so he didn’t want to be near the other emus.”

For Mr Schmidt, it brings back memories of his previous pet emu, Doc, who lived to 18 years of age.

“Doc was about two thirds the size of a normal emu and I always took him to the Ipswich show,” Mr Schmidt recalls.

“He travelled around with us, he’d walk down the street next to you and he even went swimming with us on holidays at Horseshoe Bay.

“Doc was the only emu I’ve met that never pecked anyone. Even Snowy pecks every now and again.”

Putting Ipswich on the map for film-makers

Council has partnered with Screen Queensland to create a database of iconic Ipswich film locations.

Businesses or private property owners interested in having their location considered for future film shoots can submit them directly to Screen Queensland for consideration.

For more information about our Filmmaking in Ipswich project, please visit: www.discoveripswich.com.au/film

Mr Schmidt said he’s looking forward to seeing his farm showcased in the new Netflix series.

“I obviously haven’t seen it yet, but I hope it’s done a positive thing for us,” Mr Schmidt said.

“When they were filming, they had some delays because of rain, so it was quite rushed when they were here.

“But I’d seen some of Jack Whitehall’s stand-up routine before they came out and he’d made his own emu costume he wore on stage, so when he came out we’d made him a fair dinkum one with emu feathers on it.”

The Try It Emu farm processes its emus for oil and meat, with demand for the oil surging in recent months during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Covid has meant we’ve had no sales from shows or tourist buses coming to the farm,” Mr Schmidt said.

“But our business has really shot up with bulk orders for oil capsules, because we’re finding more people want the oil to help boost their immunity.”

Located off the Warrego Highway, Try it Emu farm Marburg’s shop is open 830am – 430pm Monday to Friday.

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