Keep our children safe as they return to school

School zones are back in action with 40km/h speed limits and parking restrictions in place around Ipswich school areas.

Ipswich City Mayor Teresa Harding said drivers should look out for signage to make sure they’re travelling the right speed, and parents should use designated drop-off zones where available to help keep our kids safe.

“Remember, children don’t have streetsmarts yet, so slow down, use designated drop-off zones, and look out for unpredictable and distracted children before and after school who are crossing roads, riding bikes, and stepping out from buses or cars,” Mayor Harding said.

“Slowing down won’t make much difference in your trip time but could save a child’s life.”

  If parents choose to park on the roads or streets around their children’s school, they should:

  • Say goodbye to their children on the school side of the road – never get them to cross the road to their school’s entrance alone.
  • Walk across the road and meet their children after school – never call out to them from the other side.
  • Follow the directions of all signs.
  • Park a safe distance from all crossings.
  • Always single park – double parking causes accidents and traffic jams.
  • Try parking a few streets away from the school and walk with their children.
  • Organise a carpool with other parents – to reduce the number of cars trying to park around the school area.

Mayor Harding said council plays a role in educating schools, parents and students about safe parking practices around schools.

Council’s School Safe Parking Program supports schools to encourage behavioral change in their communities by providing key tools and resources to educate parents and motorists on safe road travel,” Mayor Harding said.

“Some good practices include teaching your school-aged children to only cross at pedestrian crossings, to cross when the green ‘walk’ sign is showing, or at supervised school crossings when the supervisor has signalled it is safe to cross.

“And teach road safety techniques at a young age by walking or riding to school with your child until they have enough skills to understand how to be safe around roads (usually around 10-years-old or older).

“Council compliance officers are monitoring school parking areas and will be issuing infringement notices to people who breach parking restrictions.”

School zones are in force between 7am to 9am and 2pm to 4pm. However, some school zones speed limits are in force all day, between 7am to 4pm.

For more information about the School Safe Parking Program visit, email [email protected] or call council on (07) 3810 6666.

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