Latest clip puts future of Nicholas St precinct in focus

A 90-second clip showing the future of the Nicholas St precinct in Ipswich Central has been released.

It showcases how the former mall will be transformed into a vibrant business and community precinct.

This includes a look at alfresco dining offerings along Nicholas Street and Bell Street as well as a visit to the future civic plaza and the new library.

Each area is shown in daylight hours and after dark, giving a feel for the space. Giant projections atop some of the buildings are a standout.

A core part of the redevelopment is the reinstatement of Nicholas Street as a low-speed, one-way street, which can be closed at 6pm each day, allowing the precinct to transform into a pedestrian-only entertainment zone.

This latest clip comes as work within the Nicholas St precinct continues to gain momentum.

Contractors have established onsite amenities for the workforce, which is about 50-strong at present but will grow to about 200 by the start of 2020.

Dismantling of the old steel structure in the building where the new library will be built is nearing completion.

Footings to allow for a crane to enter the site to complete micro piling in the basement to reinforce the structure for landscaping and the new library above are being put in place.

A large piling rig which moved in last week is keeping busy with about 40 of more than 130 holes that will be drilled to a depth of 12-15m for foundations having been dug.

When the holes have been drilled to the correct depth, they will be cleared of any existing underground water and air, reinforced with steel and then filled with fresh concrete to create the new piles.

Once this is done, a fresh foundation slab will be laid before work starts to build the upper floors.

Nicholas St road works are set for completion by Easter next year, the new library is expected to be open by mid-2020 and the council administration centre by mid-2021.

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  1. This is a welcome change to the centre Ipswich. Seems like things are finally starting to move in Ipswich and people are finding out about them through this terrific newsletter.

  2. So where are all the bollards stopping drivers who ‘accidentally’ put their foot on the accelerator instead of the brake then driving into & killing people innocently walking along the footpath?

  3. If you want Ipswich Mall to revitalise my suggestion would be to incorporate family friendly activities as well eg. affordable Roller Skating, ten pin bowling, bring back the cinemas. Yes I realise bowling and cinemas are at Riverlink however we need family activities on the other side of the river as well.

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