Redbank Plains’ Jennie and Lexie Ingram.

When Lexie Ingram was born with Down Syndrome 21 years ago, her parents, Jennie and Dave, were told by hospital staff to give her up.

That she would not amount to anything and would not be able to run, jump or walk up and down stairs independently or talk.

“She is my daughter, I don’t care what’s wrong with her,” Mrs Ingram said.

Her parents started Blue Wren Candles for her in 2006 because they wanted Lexie to be able to work and contribute to society.

“We started this business because it’s something she can do from home with our help and the help of her support worker, and we know she is safe,” Mrs Ingram said.

Once she turned 18 the home business became Lexie’s Blue Wren Candles and between her mother and support worker, Lexie is involved in every aspect of the business.

“Meeting the people who order my products is my favourite part,” Miss Ingram said.

Lexie is shining a light on people’s misconceptions about people who live with Down Syndrome.

“They are capable in so many ways. She works like the rest of us,” Mrs Ingram said.

“I think it’s really important for her, anybody with a disability, to go through the process of working and experiencing what it is like to contribute in a positive way.

“She is not a burden to us. She is not a bludger.

“She also supports other local business by buying their products that she uses in her candles and products.”

Lexie is learning all the time and steadily growing Lexie’s Blue Wren Candles.

“I enjoy working and running my business and earning my own money,” Miss Ingram said.

Lexie chooses the pictures for her social media and with prompting and visual cues, makes the candles and other products from scratch.

“My favourite scent is very vanilla, it’s one of my best sellers too,” Miss Ingram said.

You can order one of Lexie’s candles here.

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