Little bilby’s Easter egg hunt at Ipswich Nature Centre

Whose egg could this be?

That is the question the children’s book Little Bilby’s Aussie Easter Egg Hunt asks its young audience.

The book will launch this weekend at the Ipswich Nature Centre on Sunday, 8 March at 2pm.

Author Yvonne Mes said the picture book showcases the diversity of Australia’s egg-laying animals.

“Each spread reveals an egg in its natural environment,” she said.

“After turning the page, the egg is matched with the animal it belongs to.”

The bilbies find all kinds of eggs in the book – a kookaburra’s egg, a turtle’s egg, a cassowary’s egg, before the little bilbies finally find what they’ve been looking for – Easter eggs to share with all their friends.

Mes enjoys visiting the Ipswich Nature Centre and it was on a recent visit that the idea of launching her latest children’s book here, was the perfect location.

“I came along with my youngest son on his school excursion,” she said.

“After our eyes adjusted to the nocturnal lighting we had a good look at the bilbies.

“I noticed the amphitheatre across from the enclosure and knew it would be the perfect spot for the launch.

“We will have an Easter egg hunt for the little one and visitors can have their book signed by both myself and the illustrator Jody Pratt.”

Ms Mes grew up in Amsterdam but has made her home in Australia, and has spent the past two decades working with children and also writing short stories, picture books and junior novels.

Author Yvonne Mes

“I initially wrote Little Bilby’s Aussie Easter Egg Hunt as a story focusing on Australian animals such as birds, reptiles, monotremes and marsupials who lay eggs, and introduce toddlers and young children to where these animals live and what sounds they make,” she said.

“I wanted to feature our very own Australian Easter bilby instead of the traditionally Easter bunny.

“Bilbies need all the attention they can get, after all, these adorable buy shy mammals are endangered.”

Little Bilby’s Aussie Easter Egg Hunt book launch

Where: Ipswich Nature Centre amphitheatre

              Queens Park, Goleby Ave, Ipswich

When: Sunday 8 March

Time: 2pm


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