Meet Ipswich’s little opera singer with big voice

The star of a little Ipswich girl with a mighty big voice continues to rise following an appearance on the reality television show Australia’s Got Talent.

Ten-year-old Shanaia Brady showcased her vocal talent and wowed judges with her operatic singing.

A snippet of Shanaia’s performance aired last week in episode 2 of the show’s current season.

Her efforts earned a standing ovation and plenty of praise from the judges, but unfortunately were not quite enough to qualify Shanaia for the show’s semi-final rounds.

Judge, Australian actress and singer Lucy Durack was particularly impressed by Shanaia.

“I was in my first opera when I was 11, so one year older than that, and you are much, much better than I was,” she said.

Shanaia Brady on Australia’s Got Talent.

Shanaia said the opportunity to perform on Australia’s Got Talent was “really, really fun”.

“The experience was really amazing and it was just so incredible,” she said.

“I love the feedback they gave me, which was to move a little bit more, and I am definitely keeping an eye on those techniques.”

Shanaia started singing opera at age six, taking an interest after hearing her mother Tifany, who is herself a trained opera singer.

“My mum kind of influenced me. She was always singing operatic songs and when I was little I was just like ‘wow, I really want to do that when I get older’, so that’s why I do it,” Shanaia said.

“I think of it to myself as singing to people and telling them stories. It’s a different way to express my feelings.”

Last month’s appearance on Australia’s Got Talent is not the first time Shanaia has featured on national television. 

In 2018 Shanaia appeared on variety show Little Big Shots which showcases talented youngsters from across Australia.

It was an amazing experience with Shanaia’s idol, Australian singer Mirusia, joining her on stage for a surprise duet.

“That was a great experience. They showed me a video message from her saying she was sorry she couldn’t be there and then she just came out on stage and surprised me while I was singing,” Shanaia said.

So what’s next for this talented youngster?

First stop is competing in the Brisbane International Youth Music Festival this weekend with a chance to secure a trip to represent Australia and perform at the famed Carnegie Hall in New York.

Shanaia will sing opera legend Luciano Pavarotti’s famous Nessun dorma in a competition that will include some of the state’s best up and coming musical talents, including singers more than twice her age.

Long term, Shanaia wants to continue honing her skills and would love to eventually secure a spot singing with renowned violinist Andre Rieu.

She also plans to continue spreading joy with her music wherever she can, including continuing regular visits to local aged care facilities where she performs for residents.

“It gives me joy to perform for them. I imagine in my mind because some grandchildren and children don’t come to visit their grandparents so often, I like to imagine them as my grandparents and I hope that I am reminding them of their grandchildren that they kind of miss,” she said.

>> The full episode of Australia’s Got Talent featuring Shanaia can be viewed here. Shanaia features briefly near the 48 minute mark.

>> See Shanaia’s Little Big Shots appearance from 2018 here.

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