Meet Ipswich’s newest citizens

The promise of a better lifestyle and financial security was what first caused Mohsin Ali Tariq to look to Australia.

The Pakistan-born doctor had just graduated when he started to look for an opportunity in another county.

Mr Tariq and his family are some of Ipswich’s newest Australian citizens welcomed at the Ipswich Australia Day Citizenship Ceremony on Australia Day.

Dr Tariq and his wife Dr Bushra Mumtaz, along with their son Abdul Wali Mohsin, 7, and daughter Minnal Ali, 4, were part of 186 new Australian citizens who took the pledge of loyalty to Australia and its people.

Dr Tariq grew up in Pakistan and studied to be a doctor there.

“I felt Australia had better opportunities for doctors,” he said.

“As an international graduate you have to complete 10 years in a rural area.

“Ipswich is wonderful because everything is nearby and we don’t have to deal with a lot of traffic.

“The children’s school, work and home are all close.”

Dr Tariq praised his new country as he said Ipswich residents had been very wonderful to him.

“The first question people ask when they meet me is if I have experienced any racism,” he said.

“I haven’t actually encountered any at all in the last nine years since I came here.”

One of the biggest cultural differences for Dr Tariq is what he calls the social justice system.

He said Australians are well supported by the government.

“I think the state should be like a mother to you,” he said.

“The welfare nature of society here is unbelievably good.

“If someone is not able to work the state helps them.”

Dr Tariq has colleagues who work in America and the UK and when they compare the health systems he believes Australia has the best health system in the world.

“Australia is leading the way at the moment as there is often no cost involved to the patient and everything is done in a timely matter,” he said.

“In Pakistan there is a better social family system and you have rely on your family only.”

Dr Tariq and Dr Mumtaz enjoy serving the Ipswich community and could not think of a better place to call home.

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