Meet the new arrivals melting hearts at the Ipswich Nature Centre

Lola and Moose are the newest additions to the Ipswich Nature Centre.

The pure breed alpine dingo pups are 13 weeks old and are very busy taking in their new surroundings.

The playful pups are the centre of attention with staff and volunteers as they get accustomed to their new home at the zoo.

They will slowly be introduced to the dingo enclosure over the next couple of weeks and will be on display in time for the school holidays between 10am and 12pm.

2018 is the Year of the Dog. At the Ipswich Nature Centre it is the year of the dingo.

According to the Chinese Horoscope, people born in the year of the dog are best known for loyalty. The two adult dingoes currently on display, Min Min and Pindari (pictured above) are 14 years old. They have been at the Ipswich Nature Centre since they were eight weeks old.

The loyalty from both the dogs and the staff is very strong and the dingoes will stay at the zoo after their retirement. Their new home is waiting for them on the grounds, off display, where they will receive plenty of love, attention and daily walks from staff and volunteers.

Ipswich Nature Centre leading hand Darcy Bannah (pictured above) is one of the handlers looking after the dingo pups.

Mr Bannah explains what a day with the new arrivals involves. “They are hard work being puppies as they are so active and inquisitive,” he said. “Their days consists of waking up early, having a play, eating, running around, going for a walk, playing, cuddles then sleep by mid-morning. This repeats though out the day until they fall asleep for the night.

“Min Min and Pindari have shared their favourite toys with the youngsters and their favourites are a teddy bear, chew bone and rope toy.”

The pups arrived from Australia’s leading dingo conservation sanctuary, Dingo Discovery Centre in Victoria. They are on a diet of kibble, minced and chunks of meat and they will slowly be introduced to things like brisket bones, chicken frames, necks and wings.

You can see dingo puppies, Lola and Moose, at the Ipswich Nature Centre, Queens Park, Goleby Avenue, during the school holidays (22 September onwards) from 10am to 12pm.

You can farewell Min Min and Pindari in their enclosure until then from Tuesday to Sunday, 9.30am to 4pm.

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