Hundreds of cars illegally parked in school zones caught on camera

Illegal parking creates a dangerous environment for children and pedestrians – and can attract some hefty fines.
Part of council’s revamped School Safe program this year were cameras posted at key school zone locations identified in partnership with the schools.

There were 208 offences detected within the first four weeks of term at just one Ipswich school zone.

Warnings were issued for the majority of those offences, however council are now issuing fines for any motorists who continue to park illegally.

The community is also reacting to bad parking behaviour. Within the first five weeks of term council received 26 complaints about illegal parking in a school area.

($) Fine for parking on a yellow line

($) fine for parking in a bus zone

($) fine for overstaying in a loading zone

The Penalty Infringement Notice (PIN) fine amount is set by the State Government and goes up each financial year
Empowering school communities

The revamped School Safe program is a multi-faceted approach that aims for schools to have the resources and support to encourage positive school zone behaviour year-round.

School Safe is a tiered program with resources allocated according to need.

Compliance is one aspect, with enforcement cameras rotating through school hot spots, and an Automatic Number Plate Recognition car patrolling during term. Council officers are also available to meet with schools and discuss their options, which can include a classroom visit.

Schools can access School Safe resources such as approved images and messages, brochures, flag banners and high-vis vests through

Council also recently reviewed its Healthy Active School Travel (HAST) Program to encourage more students to walk, cycle or take public transport to school. HAST will now have a funding incentive for the best performing schools each year, to encourage school-wide participation and ongoing commitment.

The rewards will provide funding toward approved active travel incentives such as a school bike cage or the purchase of equipment for the health and physical education program.

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