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New program to strengthen community groups and clubs

A new program is being designed by Ipswich City Council to help community groups bolster their governance skills.

Council will provide sessions on topics including financial management, succession planning, local procurement and more under actions identified in the Community Development Strategy 2021-2026.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said Council is committed to supporting the city’s volunteers.

“Community groups and clubs are at the heart of Ipswich,” Mayor Harding said.

“Our wonderful variety of volunteer-led organisations are keeping the community healthy, inclusive and strong as we prepare to welcome another 330,000 residents by 2041.

“It is our priority to empower volunteers with the skills they need for sustainable and independent organisations.”

The program will include monthly evening workshops and community group representatives are invited to attend.

A range of topics will be discussed including:

  • Rewriting / revisiting your constitution;
  • Financial matters;
  • Obligations to community;
  • Ipswich Buy for goods and services;
  • Incorporation / why would you;
  • Skill sharing / succession planning;
  • Generating income; and
  • Volunteering in 2021.

Identified within the Capacity Building and Resilience Pillar of the Community Development Strategy 2021-2026, council’s goal is for community organisations to be empowered to feel educated and confident about managing a highly complex small business to achieve real change within the community.

Council is engaging with key stakeholders to design the Ipswich Community Groups Governance Program to respond to the current and emerging trends and governance requirements of the local community groups.

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