Nicholas St update: Workers doing their bit to stop spread of COVID-19

Workers on the Nicholas St redevelopment are doing their bit to help minimise the spread of COVID-19, embracing social distancing across the site.

There are currently 160 workers across the redevelopment.

In the past week, installation work including framing and plastering was underway on the interior walls and ceilings for the new library.

The new civic plaza.

The first delivery of glass has arrived onsite allowing glazing work to get underway.

Crews on the civic plaza are anticipating the arrival of the water jets for the zero depth water play area in the next few weeks.

Work continues on the final design for the landscaping in the civic plaza as well as the construction of new planter beds.

The new library continues to emerge.

Concrete flooring for level two of the admin building poured this week.

The central lift core is at level four.

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  1. Hi,
    I like the glass, i presume it is looking over the river….

    Unrelated to this post I would like to make a comment on Ipswich First updated Council Election latest update showing the candidates from each Division and Votes received and % of total vote count.
    There is no delineation between Candidate votes received an %. Divisions 2 and 3 makes it very hard to follow.
    Would appreciate if this could be looked at,would make results much easier to read.
    Kind Regards

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