Nicholas Street works ahead of schedule

Works to reinstate Nicholas Street in the CBD are ahead of schedule with contractor JMAC Constructions about to begin the second phase of the road and landscaping installation process.

JMAC Constructions was originally due to complete their contract in mid-September 2019 once the Nicholas Street roadway was installed, however the company has now been awarded additional work.

It means the company will also complete all landscaping and paving components of the works.

It is an exciting step forward for the project and should see large parts of the existing fencing removed before Christmas 2019, though vehicular access on the new road between Brisbane and Bell streets will not be available until the second half of 2020.

In the coming weeks, pedestrians can expect to see more changes to the Nicholas Street site as walkway locations are shifted to allow for further concreting works to be completed.

Some additional changes to pedestrian access will also take place at the top of the former mall, where it currently meets Brisbane Street, to allow for the final section of concrete road base to be poured.

This will mean pedestrians who want to traverse Nicholas Street at the Brisbane Street end will need to cross the street to do so as the footpaths will be closed for between four and six weeks.

While short-term changes to access points are expected to take place in the coming weeks, the project is hitting some significant milestones which will bring it closer to delivery, with sections of the mall expected to be opened to pedestrians as early as December.

With the coming changes to the location of the walkways, access to and from the car park, the Bell Street public transport hub and Brisbane Street will be maintained in any new configurations.

New signage will also be installed to provide clear directions for pedestrians and visitors.

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  1. What happened to the fountains and green space, I do not understand. Y another street that section has enough intersections and roads, here I have been telling people how great it will be to have this water play area, in the centre of Ipswich, to bring visitors and families into the city centre, silly me.

    1. I agree with you Sue loved the idea with the Library coming closer and the whole area drawing people in thought that was the whole point of upgrade, to bring back what once was. True I remember as a child the whole place was thriving busy people everywhere I hope you really thought this through Ipswich planning and development

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