North Tivoli waste transfer station application refused

A proposal for a privately owned waste transfer station at North Tivoli has been refused by Ipswich City Council.

The application for a change of use over an existing industrial site was lodged on 11 April last year.

Acting Mayor and Division 5 Councillor Wayne Wendt said the decision by planning officers vindicated his view that council’s planning and development applications process was robust.

“The application proposed a waste transfer station for dry domestic, garden organics, construction and demolition and other regulated waste,” he said.

“Council’s refusal listed six main points under the Ipswich Planning Scheme and went on to detail 21 specific reasons why the proposed transfer station could not be approved.”

Cr Wendt added that the development did not demonstrate compliance with the planning scheme.

“During the public notification period 23 properly made submissions were received,” he said.

“Matters raised included amenity associated with dust, noise and smells in a residential area, and increased traffic congestion on Mt Crosby Road and the Warrego Highway off ramp.

“This has been a common sense decision and will be welcomed by the local community.”

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