People of the Precinct: Mando from Our Neighbourhood

Nicholas Street Precinct is more than our emerging city heart – it is a community. And no one understands the importance of community more than Michael Anderson, affectionately known as Mando, one of the driving forces behind Our Neighbourhood.

In a welcoming space newly established in the heart of the Nicholas Street Precinct, Our Neighbourhood is collaboration between business and not-for-profit that offers ‘coffees, cuts, and uppercuts’ as their way of bringing people together from all walks of life in a safe and supportive environment. The unique model is providing a roadmap for what being a good neighbour can look like for businesses.

“At Our Neighbourhood, mixing business and community is not just our operating model, it’s a way of life,” Mando said.

“We are a collection of everyday people who have a passion to pass on good things to others.

“We are convinced that it is better to live in a community than to journey alone, and our hope is that by providing a place of belonging, it can help people to overcome issues of loneliness, isolation and depression.”

At the front of house is Oikos Café, already renowned for delicious food and coffee from their first location on Limestone Street. The family-run business strongly believes in community supporting community, which is clear in everything they do from how they source their supplies to making every person feel welcome at their table.

OIKOS Cafe as part of Our Neighbourhood

The second business in the hub is Cornerstone Barbers, established in three locations across Ipswich. The team believes in honouring the traditions of barbering, but with a modern urban twist, and are passionate about empowering and creating a safe space for men.

Junior from Cornerstone Barbers in Our Neighbourhood

Together, these businesses help to support the not-for-profit gym that offers boxing, personal training and Brazilian jiu-jitsu at the back of the community hub. At NBHD training, the focus of the expert trainers is squarely on developing champion people, rather than simply champions of the mats or rings.

Our Neighbourhood

“We have a particular passion to help young people who are on the brink of, or have been caught up in, the cycle of detention,” Mando said.

“Our vision is to raise up leaders who will in turn go and help others.

“Through the generosity of our partners, Oikos and Cornerstone Barbers, as well as donations through Ipswich Connect, we aim to provide a community for anyone who walks through our doors, no matter their situation.

“We strongly believe that providing a sense of belonging where you know good people are there to help and support you, is what can turn people’s lives around.”

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