Plan to bring forward high speed internet in Ipswich

IPSWICH’s reputation as a smart city could be redefined with a proposal to bring forward gigabit speed internet to attract new businesses and industries.

Economic Development and Digital City Committee chairman Cr Paul Tully said evolving business demand for gigabit broadband had the potential to attract industries such as automated manufacturing and allow remote access to high speed applications for delivery of health and education.

“Recently council’s Smart City Program officers collaborated with specialist firm Gravelroad to assess the future demand for gigabit services in Ipswich.

“Council needs to establish with certainty if the NBN can meet the needs or whether gigabit service demand could be provided sooner from other sources.

“As a city we need to keep our options open.

“NBN was created to bring world class broadband to businesses and residents however Australia is still ranked around 50th of the developed nations.

“The Gigacity Report suggests for Ipswich to continue to grow and be recognised as digital city it should review all connectivity options and not be limited to the NBN.”

Cr Tully said the key conclusion of the report was that gigabit services would soon become the normal requirement of both residential and commercial high end users.

“There are key recommendations for council to intervene, if required at the completion of the NBN rollout, to accelerate the availability of gigabit services.”

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