Plan to redevelop Sizzler site at East Ipswich

After more than three decades of serving its famed cheesy toast in Ipswich, Sizzler looks set to make way for a Taco Bell.

Collins Restaurants is seeking approval to redevelop the site on Brisbane Road at East Ipswich.

“The application proposes to redevelop the existing Sizzler restaurant on the subject site for a new freestanding Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) with a drive thru,” the application states.

“The proposed QSR will have a gross floor area of 250 square metres plus a 58 square metre outdoor dining area.

“The site will maintain access from Barrett and Tongue Streets in the existing locations with the area to the north of the proposed building to be reconfigured to accommodate a drive thru and car parking spaces.

“A drive thru with queuing for 12 cars is proposed.

“The proposed restaurant is intended to have the flexibility to operate up to 24 hours, seven days per week should customer demand warrant it.”

A total of 50 on site car parking spaces is proposed. A large Poinciana tree on the site is expected to be retained as part of the redevelopment, with the applicant submitting an arborist report identifying construction methodologies to ensure the tree is not damaged during any redevelopment.

Sizzler has operated in Ipswich since 1987 and was among the first stores to open after the California-born restaurant came to Australia in 1985.

Just last year, Collins Restaurants announced a major expansion of Taco Bell in Australia with plans for “more than 50 new locations across three states over the next three years”.

The application is yet to be considered by council.

What the proposed restaurant would look like.

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  1. This is the most stupidest idea ever. Sizzler is a childhood restaurant growing up in ipswich. So many memories and alot of locals still enjoy the place.

  2. Leave Sizzlers there! The food is beautiful there and has so many find memories. Will be very disappointed to see it go and turned into a horrible Taco Bell outlet. YUCK.

    1. Guys you are not talking to people here you are talking to money and talking to money does not make any sense. This is unfortunate and sad but we will accept what the money dictates to us not the common sense. 🙁

  3. Unbelievable, all my kids have grown up there. They luv the pic your own food… not many around no more!
    Taco… YUK!!
    I won’t be supporting the change… I think it’s the most silliest idea out…
    No one like heritage no more…
    Nd let’s face it it’s not for making enough, u do well there!

  4. not to mention the families, with our older staff losing jobs they won’t be able to find new work. KICK OUT THE YUCKY AMERICAN FAST FOOD JOINT. KEEP OUR AUSSIE FAMILY HOMESTEAD.

    1. I like Sizzlers too – but it’s just as American as Taco Bell. Sizzlers was started by a Californian company.
      Every time I went past Sizzlers after 5.00 pm it seemed to be packed, so I don’t know how it wasn’t financially viable.
      Very sorry to see Sizzlers go.

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