Plans for new service station, food outlets and medical centre

Plans for a new service station development with a medical centre, food outlets and car wash on the Warrego Highway have been lodged with Ipswich City Council.

The application lodged last month is for on land at 266-274 Mount Crosby Road, Chuwar.

It specifically seeks a development permit for a material change of use for business use, service and trades use as part of the development application.

The development would be built over two stages.

Stage one would involve the establishment of a service station, three food and drink outlets including two drive-thru components, two automatic car wash bays, three manual car wash bays, six detailing or vacuum bays as well as an office facilities building.

Stage two would involve the establishment of a medical centre and/or a shop in the northern part of the subject site.

“While both stages may be completed as part of the one phase, the proposal is structured to provide flexibility,” the application said.

“The development proposal involves a total gross floor area of 1,306 square metres and will result in a total site cover of 17.6 per cent of the subject site.

“The proposed development incorporates 1,512 square metres or 14.9 per cent of the total site area as landscaping, which will provide screening to the development and soften the visual impact of hardstand areas, create visual interest, provide share and contribute to the landscape character of the area.

“The development is proposed to allow for a maximum 24 hour operation, seven days a week.”

Ipswich City Council is considering the application.

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  1. I am wondering why so many service stations and fast food outlets in Ipswich. Shouldn’t the focus be on increasing cultural and learning centres and encouraging educational pursuits amongst our population, and discouraging unhealthy eating practices and reliance on entertainment so that families can stabilise and rear children in an environmentally wholesome lifestyle?

  2. The site near the overpass of the Warrego Highway is already a shambles at peak hours and it is proposed to add more confusion??? There are already two service stations within minutes of the site and a Medical Centre so why is it necessary to duplicate. And what is to happen to the homes in close proximity?

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