Bells are jingling over Springfield as real life Santas prepare hundreds of Christmas hampers for struggling families in the Greater Springfield Region.

Westside Community Care are currently collecting donations for its annual Hampers Appeal and organisers are also calling for volunteers to come along at 9am on Friday, December 22 to help pack the hampers at 389 Old Logan Road, Springfield.

Pastor Phil Cutcliffe says they mainly focus on helping to feed families but have found a way to spice the hampers up a bit this year.

“We’ve been donated a lot of bulk lollies from big producers at Wacol,” he said.

“We do live in a great community and it’s great so many people step forward to volunteer in so many different ways.

“We like to focus on our area, but we also help those who are from other suburbs.

“We have a partnership with City Hope with the Christmas hampers. If people live closer to Ripley, they can go there in the lead up to Christmas Day.”

For anyone who finds that they will be alone on Christmas Day or if you are doing it tough, you can head along to the Woodcrest State College auditorium for an optional service and carols at 9am.

Afterwards is a free morning tea when they will be giving out the hampers. There are also presents for the kids.

“Everyone should know that somebody cares for them. They can receive that care one way or another through others and once they have, they might be in a position one day that they can pay it forward and show someone else, that someone cares for them too.”


No one should be alone on Christmas Day. There are many volunteers who take the time on Christmas Day to help others.

North Ipswich:

The free Community Christmas Dinner will be on from 3pm-6pm at the North Ipswich Reserve Corporate Centre. This is put on by Glory City Church West in conjuction with Ipswich Awakening. You can register by emailing or calling 0402 755 202.


Westside Community Care is putting on a free morning tea at 10am on Christmas Day at Woodcrest State College Auditorium, 38 Nev Smith Drive, Springfield. You can register by calling Maria on 3818 2915 during work hours or Jo on 0409 346 048 at other times.

Have a Merry Christmas