Ripley sports club scores new fence and netting

Players and visitors to Ironbark Park, home of the Ripley Valley Football Club, will spend less time hunting down lost balls in the creek following the installation of field fencing and back nets to keep more balls in play and away from the creek and road.

Division 1 Councillor Jacob Madsen said he was excited to deliver the upgrades, and demonstrate council’s commitment to supporting community sport.

“The nets and fencing will reduce the impact of stoppages to retrieve balls, giving players more time on the pitch and less time looking through the bush and the creek,” Cr Madsen said.

“Council is committed to ensuring local facilities meet the needs of the community to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Division 1 Councillor Sheila Ireland said the installation followed concerns raised by the club about footballs leaving the playing area, causing delays to training and games as well as making retrieval of the balls challenging.

“Ironbark Park backs onto Bundamba Creek and without netting and appropriate fencing, a lot of wayward footballs were ending up in the creek,” Cr Ireland said.

“Retrieving the balls is not an easy task and this new netting and fence will reduce the number of balls that are ending up in our precious waterways.”

The upgrades, valued at $72,000, were funded through Council’s Capital Works program.

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