Rogue operators likely to blame for illegal dumping

Illegal dumping of tyres has again been the subject of complaints for Ipswich City Council.

A recent spate across the city has officials on high alert.

The latest incident involved about 40 large tyres discarded on a Centenary Highway side-road between Springfield and Ripley.

It appears a truck has backed up in the dark of night and dumped the tyres behind concrete bollards. By morning, the eyesore was evident for passing motorists.

The unauthorised unload was not far from where a pile of concrete blocks and other demolition waste was dumped on the other side of the Centenary Highway. That mess had only just been cleared up by council, at considerable expense.

Ironically, waste and recycling facilities at Swanbank are just a stone’s throw away.

Council’s Health, Security and Regulatory Services Department compliance manager said illegal dumping of tyres and asbestos was a serious problem.

“We think it is just a few rogue operators … people cutting corners to save a few dollars, but this is a risk to the community and creates issues with clean-up,” he said.

“Council investigates these incidents and has a range of tools to help catch offenders in the act.”

There were three incidents in August. About 30 tyres were dumped on conservation land at the corner of Springfield Greenbank Arterial and Lakes Entrance Drive; another truckload left at Addison Rd Reserve, Camira; and also several tyres discarded on the footpath at Wanderer Cres, Springfield Lakes.

“These operators take the tyres away in good faith and promise to dispose of them properly. But, in some cases, they dump them wherever is most convenient for them,” the council spokesman said.

“Council then has to come in and clean up the mess.

“We have obvious concerns with the illegal dumping of asbestos. We have to get approved contractors in and it can cost thousands of dollars to be disposed of properly.

“Council can assist with advice on appropriate disposal methods and sites for tyres, asbestos, and any other products of concern for residents.”

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