School teachers link with council

About 100 teachers gathered at North Ipswich Reserve last night for an expo-style event, Educators’ Link, which featured everything from robots and interactive VR, to presentations on Council’s ‘What a Waste!’ educational program.

Teachers were given a live cooking demo with Ipswich Civic Centre chef and star of Ipswich First’s Cooking with Rohan segment, Rohan Dowdy.

After months of planning, Education Officer Nicole Grant said she was happy with how well the night went.

“The majority of schools in Ipswich were represented, and it was great to see how excited the teachers were about how they could engage with different council programs and services,” Ms Grant said.

“All of the teachers came here in their own time and their time is precious, so we wanted to make it as fun, entertaining and valuable to them, as it is to us.”

Ipswich City Council interim administrator Greg Chemello said teachers had a much more difficult job than his own.

He said future leaders were sitting in classrooms throughout the city’s area.

Ms Grant said: “We were all interacting with schools individually and overloading them with information. Educators’ Link helps to bring it all together and we’ll be better connected because we’ll be explaining what we’re doing and finding out what programs teachers are interested in.

“It’s a great opportunity for engaging and building those relationships to find out if what we’re doing is what the educators want.”

All Ipswich schools will be sent out Educators’ Link information packs with details of Council programs and services, while quarterly emails will update and inform teachers.

“We’re hoping to hold the event annually and stay connected throughout the year with quarterly EDMs. We’ve also set up an Educators’ Link website to update teachers about council programs that might interest them,” Ms Grant said.

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