Servo, childcare and fast food shops planned

An application for a new service station, car wash, childcare centre and two fast food outlets at Raceview has been lodged with Ipswich City Council.

The application is for a 27,250 square metre site over two titles at 53 Robertson Road, near Grange Road.

The north east corner of the site currently has a house on it, with most of the block a grassed paddock.

“The proposal involves the development of a small service/convenience centre consisting of two fast food outlets in the site’s north east, a service station and car wash in the north west, and a childcare facility in the south west,” the application notes.

“The total area of development will be approximately 18,500 square metres.

“The balance of the site, about 8,500 square metres, will be left unimproved for potential future development, noting that the ultimate future use of this balance portion will be subject to further market testing and is at this time unknown.”

The childcare centre would cater for 120 children with indoor and outdoor play areas.

A total of 130 car parks would be created across the development.

Access to the site is proposed via an entry/exit driveway integrated with the Robertson and Grange roads intersection, with a left-out exit driveway to also be located north of the service station.

Applicant Your Realty Pty Ltd engaged consultants to carry out a needs analysis on the proposal.

It found, “the subject site represents a strategic infill site within Raceview surrounded by a range of commercial and community uses with the potential to contribute to localised employment opportunities and convenience facilities for local residents.

“The developer has received strong expressions of interest from a national fast food chain to operate on the subject site in catering to the Raceview and surrounding community, with discussions being held with a number of operators for the service station.”

Ipswich City Council is yet to consider the application.

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  1. I wouldn’t like my grand-kids (or ANY kids) to be minded right next door to a service station. Toxic fumes.
    There is already a service station right across the road. And shops in Grange Road (just meters away) are never 100% occupied.

  2. I agree…next to a service station?? Why are they not looking at the block which has a DA already on it for a childcare centre just around the corner on Lloyd George Street…it’s a perfect spot for childcare centre and behind the Ages Care facility.

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