Strewth, new digs for city’s dingoes

Watch this short video of Moose and Lola’s reactions to their newly renovated enclosure
as the dingoes see it for the first time.

A new sandpit is a hit with Ipswich Nature Centre dingoes Lola and Moose.

The dingo enclosure has been upgraded with giant logs, a sandpit, boulders and landscaping.

A rocky outcrop was created and special attention was paid to creating a stimulating and interesting environment for the dingoes with a natural backdrop.

Ipswich Nature Centre senior zoologist Nicole Richards said the enclosure needed a revamp and the dingoes are enjoying the transformation.

“Lola and Moose came bounding back into their enclosure and went berserk,” Ms Richards said.

“They went straight for the sandpit and had a good dig.

“Then they found any loose soil and gave that a good fling too.”

Various different council departments chipped in to create the new home for two of Australia’s apex predators.

“We had the arboriculture team come in with the giant logs, then they had to cut them to get them into place as they were too large for the machinery to handle,” Ms Richards said.

“After they put them into place the carpentry team came to fix up any gaps, before the painters provided some final touches to the logs.

“It was a big collaborative team effort from across council and we are very happy with the results.

“I’m sure Lola and Moose would send a big thank you if they could, so I am doing it for them.”

 While the Ipswich Nature Centre is currently closed until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions, care for the animals is ongoing. 

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  1. What A Fabulous Job The Workers Put Into The Enclosure For The Dingos. It Is Sensational And They Absolutely Love And Enjoy It So Very Much …… Thank You So Very Much For Sharing This Wonderful Video 🐾🐾 🐾🐾
    Cheers Colleen

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