The secret to feeling beautiful in your skin

No we are not talking about the latest miracle cream or beauty product.

For the 20 women pictured in the photographic exhibition The Art of Showing Up, it was simply to be themselves.

Michelle Reid was featured in the exhibition and said it was an empowering experience as women are often not allowed to feel beautiful.

“I’m 50 my appearance is starting to change,” Ms Reid said.

“You lose confidence, you don’t have the beauty of youth anymore.

“But Amanda saw my inner beauty and it just came out.

“I felt like I can do this.”

These images are not meant to objectify or shock.

They are an honest and unashamed glimpse at a person at a certain point in their life.

Woodend photographer Amanda Waschevski from Salt Mama Studio wanted to do the exhibition because she wanted to help other women, especially mothers, to understand that they are a work of art.

“Just showing up, just as they are,” Ms Waschevski said.

She wants to tell other women that they are important enough to have a portrait of themselves on the wall, not just their children.

“Mums are always the one behind the camera. I have always found when people think about taking pictures, it is of their children,” Ms Waschevski said.

“But their children, when they grow up, want to see photos of their parents.”

Ms Waschevski’s vision was to hold a space for women to be themselves by reminding them that they are just right as they are.

“There is no faults and flaws there is only different,” she said.

“My hope is for every woman to have an anchor to her own truth hanging on her wall. A truth that she loves and loves to look at so that she can show her children how to love themselves for who they are, not just how they are.”

Photographer Amanda Waschevski

Ms Waschevski believes there is still a place for a good portrait in this age of the selfie.

“There is a quietness to portraiture, it fills me with peaceful stillness in an increasingly hectic world,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter even if it is a selfie, print it out and put it on your wall.”

The Art of Showing Up is on at Arttime Supplies, 203 Brisbane Street, Ipswich.

The exhibition is free to view and runs until Monday, 17 June.

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