The team of ‘ghosts’ keeping Ipswich clean

As people across Ipswich go about their day-to-day, an invisible army works around the clock to keep the city’s streets clean.

Working day and night, Ipswich City Council’s small city cleaning team keeps the streets clear of rubbish, weeds and overgrown nature strips, as well as monitoring and removing illegal dumping across the city.

Road sweeper drivers, weed control tractor drivers and an edger driver all work together to get the job done.

Council’s city cleaning coordinator Jeff Kearton said the tight knit crew do their best to keep Ipswich clean for the community.  

“We are a team of ghosts who just get on and try to keep Ipswich as clean as we can without disrupting the flow of the city,” he said.

As if keeping one of Queensland’s fastest growing cities clean wasn’t enough to keep the team on their toes, they also help police and emergency services when accidents or emergency spills happen across Ipswich – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

“I’m proud of the way the team keeps doing this ‘invisible’ job day in and day out with a laugh and a smile,” Mr Kearton said.

With more than 195 years’ combined council service between them, the small team has a wealth of experience.

“Across the team, we each have between 17 and 34 years of service with council,” he said.

“I started with council in 2002 as part of the litter crew on the old mall, it’s been remarkable seeing how Ipswich has changed and grown since then.

“It’s this knowledge of the city and how it has changed over the years, as well as our experience working with each other and the camaraderie that comes with that, that makes us effective in our job.

“We can come to work and interact with each other like no other team.”

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