Tivoli resident ‘takes the reins’ on local landmark

If you drive into Ipswich via the suburb of Tivoli, you will pass an old, heritage-listed horse trough on Tivoli Hill.

Until recently, it was a mostly unremarkable landmark, but thanks to one proactive Ipswich citizen, it now serves as a cheerful welcome at the entrance to the city.

Sandra Logue is a born and bred Ipswich local who has lived on her current street for 35 years.

“I knew the water trough was there, but I don’t think many of the other people on my street would have known it was there, because there were trees and grass covering it,” Ms Logue said.

“Whenever I stopped at the traffic lights near the water trough, I’d think it wouldn’t take much to beautify it and encourage people to come along and have a look.”

Ms Logue contacted council with her idea which was followed up with the installation of a new garden around the trough.

Division 4 Councillor Kate Kunzelmann said water troughs like these were installed throughout Ipswich in the early 1900s for horses and cattle to drink from.

“We know this particular concrete trough was built circa 1921 and was used by milk carters who worked at the dairy in Moores Pocket,” Cr Kunzelmann said.

“When Sandra called us about this wonderful piece of Ipswich heritage, asking us how we could potentially improve and preserve it better, we were all ears.”

Division 4 Councillor Russell Milligan said he was proud to be able to support community requests such as the Tivoli Hill horse trough beautification project.

“We hope local residents and passers-by appreciate both the heritage of the horse trough, and the newly created gardens,” Cr Milligan said.

“We welcome suggestions from the community and look forward to working with residents to make Ipswich beautiful for generations to come.”

Ms Logue, who is a member of the Ipswich Horticultural Society, said she is very happy with the outcome.

“Ipswich has lovely gardens and parklands, and I find spending time outdoors very therapeutic.”

Council encourages Ipswich residents to take pride in their environment, and to report issues affecting the aesthetics, safety or street appeal of their suburbs by calling 3810 6666, or emailing
[email protected]

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